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You should taste Turkish Baklava and Börek made with Teklezet.

About Us

Teklezet, A New Brand From Turkey

Our company, founded in the industrial zone of Adiyaman, began to produce triangle pastry leaves, unbaked shredded Kadayif, filo for pastries and baklava, , ready-made desserts and Turkish Ravioli (manti), and will soon produce tortilla.

8 Kind


Best Choose

SAfter establishing the necessary infrastructure to be the leading brand in its sector, the orders that our company received have risen accordingly. This has established us at the top of marketing in our region.

All Around the World 

As we increase our daily manufacturing to fulfil new orders from Europe, Turkic Republics, Russia and the Middle East, our company continues to climb the steps of leadership on a national scale. At our modern and hygienic premises utilising the latest technology, we have succeeded in bringing together taste and quality. We strive to maintain a prime quality of production while also adding Turkish and World traditional tastes to our portfolio.

High Quality High Standarts

Our mission is threefold: to offer delicious products, abide strictly by appropriate quality standards, and most importantly, have happy customers